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Scholarship Opportunities

The North Highland Memorial Community Center Scholarship

This organization has been established to promote Civic and Social improvements among the communities of Prattville, Alabama, and its environments; to raise funds and to contribute Such to worthwhile and deserving projects; to create and provide For the less fortunate and those in need; to conduct educational Programs aimed at improving the lives of people; to carry on And promote social exchange between people and to provide the Necessary facilities for the comfort of its members; and to conduct enterprises to carry out and effect the purposes of this organization.

Tue Apr 11 07:20 AM

Hagan Scholarship Foundation

The Hagan Scholarship is a nationwide need-based merit scholarship, designed to provide recipients with the opportunity to graduate college debt-free. Applicants must attend a traditional public high school governed by a school district. Free workshops, Free Schwab Brokerage Accounts and Free Study Abroad provide recipients with a practical understanding of important life skills not typically covered in the school curriculum. Recipients graduating college while in the Hagan Scholarship Program can apply for a Hagan Graduate Scholarship good for up to four additional consecutive semesters to attend graduate school. Hagan Scholars have attended 429 colleges and universities located in 48 states.

Fri Mar 31 10:53 AM

The LINKS, Incorporated Selma Chapter

On November 9, 1946, Margaret Rosell Hawkins and Sarah Strickland Scott, two young Philadelphia visionaries, co-founded The Links, Incorporated. They invited seven of their friends to join them in organizing a new type of inter-city club. This organizing meeting of The Links was not a spontaneous action. In 1945, Margaret Rosell Hawkins had conceived the idea of a group of clubs composed of friends along the eastern seaboard and had spent many hours with Sarah Strickland Scott in thinking, planning and discussing the possibilities of such an endeavor.

Wed Mar 29 08:05 AM

Elizabeth Steere Memorial Scholarship

The Elizabeth Steere Memorial Scholarship will be awarded upon the recommendation of the said committee based upon the following criteria: 1. Applicant must have at least a “C” average and include an official transcript. 2. Applicant must have applied to be admitted to a post-secondary institution (two-year junior college, technical college or four-year college) with attached letter of acceptance. 3. Applicant must submit along with application a seventy-five word essay entitled “Why I Feel I Should Receive This Scholarship”. 4. Two letters of recommendation from teachers, counselors or religious leaders in the community must be submitted. 5. Application should be completed and submitted to your school’s guidance counselor by April 20, 2023. 6. If you receive this scholarship you will be required to submit a letter of gratitude and a statement of your educational goals to: Mr. Tim Tidmore, Superintendent Mr. Allen Steere 153 West 4th Street 15 Shelburne Road Prattville, AL 36067 Wellesley, Massachusetts, 02481

Wed Mar 15 10:44 AM

Autauga County Career/Technical Education Alice Blackburn Scholarship

Any 12th grade student completing at least two career/technical program classes (excluding career prep) in Autauga County may apply for the Alice Blackburn Scholarship.

Wed Mar 15 07:35 AM


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